21st February, 2019

Pornography Addiction Treatment

help for porn addiction

Counseling is a big part of porn addiction treatment and recovery.

There are ways of preventing pornography addiction before it starts. According to an NCBI study, “Similar to substance abuse prevention, programs aimed at addicted individuals and specialized training can educate” individuals about the warning signs of behavioral addiction.

However, for some individuals, preventative methods will not be helpful as an addiction to pornography use has already become an issue. If a person has become addicted to pornography, there are several ways that they can be treated in order to recover from their addiction to pornography.

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  • A study from the NCBI states that naltrexone, an opioid antagonist medication, might be of use for the treatment of Internet pornography addiction.
  • Self-help groups can be extremely beneficial to both individuals with pornography addictions and their loved ones. Some of the groups listed by UT Dallas are
    • Sexaholics Anonymous (SA)
    • Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA)
    • Sexual Recovery Anonymous (SRA)
    • S-Anon International Family Groups
    • Codependents of Sexual Addictions
  • Going to counseling (either individual or relationship-based) can be helpful to both the individual and the person they are in a relationship with. New ways to cope with stresses and with cravings for pornography can be learned in these sessions.
  • If necessary, there are also rehab facilities that can help those who have harmful behavioral addictions.
  • On your own, you may decide to take other actions to stop using too much pornography like
    • Finding new ways to relax
    • Avoiding using the Internet while alone or avoiding other dangerous situations
    • Talk to a friend or loved one about your pornography use and whether or not it is causing extreme problems in your life

Pornography addiction should be dealt with the same way substance abuse is: with understanding, research, and treatment. If someone you know is exhibiting the signs and symptoms of pornography addiction, seek help so that they may recover.

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