1st September, 2015

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alcoholism requires treatment

My Drinking is Out of Control: What Should I Do?

You are beginning to feel that you can no longer control your drinking. You constantly drink more than you mean to, you think about drinking all the time, and wind up wanting to drink (and even starting to drink) at inappropriate times. You experience withdrawal symptoms as a result of not being able to drink …. continue reading ›

prescription opiates

Signs of Prescription Drug Overdose

Prescription drugs, when abused, can be just as dangerous as illicit drugs. Many individuals abuse these medications thinking that they are safe because they’re legal and then taking more than they meant to. Others can become extremely addicted to drugs of this type and put themselves more and more at risk every day. According to …. continue reading ›

snorting heroin can lead to dire consequences

Side Effects and Dangers of Snorting Heroin

Considering the disease risks involved with shooting up heroin, many drug users have taken to snorting heroin as a “safer” alternative. While snorting heroin does eliminate the risk of contracting HIV and hepatitis, this practice nonetheless comes with its own set of side effects and dangers. Heroin ingested in any form can cause considerable damage …. continue reading ›

senior suffering from addiction

Too Many Benzodiazepines Being Prescribed to Seniors?

Benzodiazepines are extremely helpful prescription drugs that can treat issues which range from anxiety to alcohol withdrawal to insomnia. But they have been mentioned, time and time again, to also cause dependence, withdrawal symptoms, and other psychological and physical issues. When abused, they can also lead to addiction, and some individuals who start out not …. continue reading ›

alcoholism and alcohol poisoning on the rise

Six People Die in the U.S. of Alcohol Poisoning Every Day

Alcohol poisoning is an extremely dangerous and widespread problem in the United States today. With the issue of drug abuse, it is sometimes forgotten how common alcohol abuse can be and how dangerous. While alcohol is legal and often much easier to get ahold of, it also causes a high death count, specifically an average …. continue reading ›

painkiller users turn to heroin

Prescription Painkiller Abuse Declines; Heroin Abuse Rises

It would seem that the decrease in prescription painkiller abuse stated by the NLM would be something to celebrate, if it did not also have the potential of being directly linked to a recent rise in heroin abuse. While prescription painkiller abuse is something that has been on the rise and being actively fought by …. continue reading ›

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