21st May, 2024

8 Unexpected Reasons People Start Using Drugs and Alcohol

Using Drugs

Many people start using drugs or alcohol because they’re bored.

Although everyone knows the common reasons that people start using and eventually become addicted to drugs. There are other reasons aside from things such as peer pressure and stress. These reasons are unexpected but are still relatively common reasons why someone might find themselves in need of drug treatment.

1. Boredom

Many people start using drugs due to simple boredom. They do not have anything to do with their time aside from drinking or using drugs. Once you start using drugs to alleviate boredom, life seems boring without them. You wind up with the choice of continuing to use or getting your life back on track by seeking drug treatment.

2. Drug Use in Music Lyrics

Many popular songs depict and glorify drug and alcohol use. This glorification encourages those who would not otherwise use drugs to try them. By making it seem harmless and normal, some music promotes addiction. Fortunately, there is an easy way out of this cycle. Simply call 800-895-1695 and let us find the treatment that you need.

3. Advertising and Depictions of Drug Use on TV

According to the National Library of Medicine’s article entitled Television Advertising and Drug Use, depictions of drugs on TV reinforces the behaviors that encourage drug use and abuse. Once these behaviors are present it is almost inevitable that you will become addicted and need drug treatment.

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4. To Escape Reality

Like many things, escaping reality is a dangerous habit. It is difficult to escape the pressures of the modern age. Drugs give you an option for instant gratification, instant escape. This prospect is very alluring to those who live high stress lifestyles. When using drugs to escape a problem becomes an addiction seeking treatment might be your only option.

5. Doctors Prescribe Drugs

The over prescription of drugs is a serious problem. Many people wind up needing treatment for drug addiction simply because they were prescribed highly addictive narcotics. Once they finish their prescription their body is already dependent on the drug and they need more or face withdrawal.

6. Social Acceptance of Drug Use

Drug use in general is rapidly becoming more socially acceptable. Through social media, general media, and the legalization efforts for certain drugs, drug use in general is more visible than in the past. With this higher visibility comes more acceptance.

It seems more normal to you and therefore you are more likely to try it. Unfortunately, many people do not highlight the darker side of drugs or the positive effects of drug treatment programs. They also do not mention how easy it is to become addicted and in desperate need of treatment.

7. Rural Community Living

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, some drug use in rural communities matches or exceeds that of drug use in metro areas. This is particularly true of stimulants, crack cocaine, and inhalants. Whether this is due to availability, lack of treatment facilities or culture is unclear.

8. Lack of Knowledge of the Dangers and Treatment Options

Many of the issues that cause people to start using drugs stem from lack of knowledge. It is easy to try something when you do not know how dangerous it is. It is also easy to remain addicted to something when you do not know your treatment options. For more information on what your treatment options are, call 800-895-1695.

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