21st February, 2019

Xanax Addiction Treatment

xanax rehab

Substance abuse treatment will help you overcome your addiction to Xanax safely and effectively.

Xanax addiction can be treated though certain individuals will benefit more from certain types of treatment. There are also other factors often involved in the addiction syndrome of Xanax. According to UCLA, “Benzodiazepine addiction is more likely to occur in individuals with certain anxiety disorders, sleep disorders, and mood disorders.” These issues should also be taken into account and treated alongside Xanax addiction in order for individuals to experience a better, stronger recovery from their Xanax addictions.

Xanax addiction treatment usually begins with medically-assisted detox. Because Xanax withdrawal can cause some extreme symptoms, it can be necessary for a person to be slowly tapered off the medication instead of stopping immediately. In most cases, the medication will be tapered off slowly in order to curb most of the stronger withdrawal symptoms and make withdrawal safer and less uncomfortable for the individual patient.

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According to UCLA, “As a follow-up to the detoxification program, recovering addicts are encouraged to pursue psychological therapy, group therapy, and other programs to prevent the possibility of relapse.” This is because, unlike other types of drug addiction syndromes, there is not currently an approved medication that can be used to treat addiction to the drug. In addition, medically-assisted withdrawal only helps the patient to break their dependence on the drug but does little in the long-run to change their addiction to it.

Therapies like cognitive-behavioral therapy, contingency management, and group therapy can all be incredibly beneficial to patients working through their Xanax addictions, and several different types of therapies may be used over the course of their treatment program, depending on their changing needs.

Mutual-help groups like Narcotics Anonymous and other drug abuse groups can also be helpful in treating patients with addictions. Xanax addicts may be able to meet other individuals who will help them see their own addictions differently and be able to help one another during the difficult parts of recovery.

Xanax addiction causes many problems in a person’s life and can even be deadly for someone who abuses the drug in extremely high doses. While this can be extremely dangerous and problematic, there are ways that a person can be treated for addiction to Xanax and gain control of their life back.

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